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Management to Leadership – is it really necessary?

I read with interest the article in HR Magazine by John Adair suggesting that organisations need to become more leadership centered and I just could not agree more and, in working with our clients can truly prove the truth of this.  To become more successful I believe it to be critical and leaders need to [...]

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How to be successful in your first management position – the DVD!

Penny Ferguson on the new Management DVD launch Have you ever been expected to become a manager overnight? Or worse – have you ever expected an employee to become a manager overnight? They leave work on Friday being your best sales guy, and you expect them to come back on Monday as your [...]

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A Manager for the first time?

                Recently I was working with a lovely team of people, some of whom had been in management positions for a considerable amount of years.  They started by going through our three day programmer which, for want of a better description, lets call ‘Common Sense Leadership’.  Now these [...]

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Confidence – a myth or a choice?

Earlier this week I had a speaking engagement – a short one.  Well, meant to be 30 minutes but because of an over-run from the speaker before me ended up as 22 minutes!  Had I been in a position where I was using slides and timed myself to that structure I could have been in [...]

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Manager or Leader – which is best?

The other day someone asked me if I thought management was bad and leadership good and that was a bit of a wake-up call for me – was I getting a message across in a way that inadvertently was suggesting this to be the case.  So – I think I had better put the record [...]

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Motivation – from me or you?

Today has been an interesting day with one small part of it challenging me and, as always, giving me yet another learning opportunity!  As any of you who read my blogs or have worked with me over the years know, I am a bit of a dog nutter – well, probably more than a bit!  [...]

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Having your attention in the right place can make a real impact

So often when we really want to help people become the best they can be we focus on the least helpful place – we focus on what they are doing wrong and suggest ways that they may like to improve.  We are putting all their attention on where they are under-performing. Let me give you [...]

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What Does It Mean To Be A Living Leader

Blog written by Maurice Whelan of Unleash Potential and reproduced here with his kind permission. Some years ago I attended a training course given by Penny Ferguson to the organisation I worked in.  Penny is a forthright presenter with very strong views about leadership. I thought it would be useful to review Penny’s bookThe Living [...]

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Beliefs that drive Behaviours

'Beliefs and Behaviours' was covered at the Insights on Leadership day ‘Beliefs and Behaviors’ was covered at the Insights on Leadership day ‘Beliefs driving behaviours’ is something that I come back to again and again, as it is so important to understand.  It was a very long time into my life before I [...]

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Don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow!

“Don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow.  You miss a lot of the ‘now’ doing that.  There’s only so much ‘now’ to go around”. Over 35,000 people have experienced the transformational impact of Penny Ferguson, in business performance and their lives. Reading a book the other day these couple of sentences really sent bells going in [...]

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