A catch up with Penny

They SAY Autumn is a time to slow things down, ready for a winter of hibernation. Well, I think I must have lost the memo! This quarter has started off full of adventure, appointments, engagements and programmes with absolutely no signs of letting up! Myself and Cam from The Marketing Academy - anchor away! [...]

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NEW RELEASE: The incredible tale of a Living Leader

This Thursday we see the release on the second video in “The Tale of a Living Leader” series, the fascinating life story of Personal Leadership expert Penny Ferguson. For the first time, Penny let the cameras in to her home and opened up in a compelling interview with reporter Tony Silman.  This incredible four part story [...]

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How to get the most out of your meetings: Involve them all!

When you host discussion groups and meetings at work, do you find that a few of the more reserved members of the team are less inclined to share their ideas? How many meetings have you attended where the loudest voices always get their points across whereas other members of the team are left frustrated because [...]

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How to liberate your thoughts

How many times has your success been hindered by a very un-useful belief, or limiting assumption, about yourself? Limiting assumptions are something that we are all inclined to be guilty of.  They can limit our thinking around what we believe we are capable of and therefore our performance is less than it might perhaps be. [...]

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How to make ‘no’ an acceptable word in your vocabulary

So often we think of ‘no’ as that impossible word. It’s a word that we rarely allow ourselves the relief of saying, for fear of disappointing or offending our peers. Although one of the worst places for this is in the work place, it happens all the time – with our boss, friends, colleague, partners and even [...]

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Getting to know both of you

Do you see yourself as two people? You may not see it at first, but if you think about it – you have the achieving, determined and smooth talking entrepreneur inside you, and you also have the you that you take home. The caring mother or father, brother or sister. Or maybe there is one [...]

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What is the most valuable asset of YOUR company?

Recently I was at a speaking engagement in Austria with The Marketing Academy and, amongst others, there was a really fascinating and profoundly inspirational speaker – John M Neill, Chairman and CEO of Unipart.  I consider that one of the most important things he said out of the whole hour was when he pulled his [...]

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Management to Leadership – is it really necessary?

I read with interest the article in HR Magazine by John Adair suggesting that organisations need to become more leadership centered and I just could not agree more and, in working with our clients can truly prove the truth of this.  To become more successful I believe it to be critical and leaders need to [...]

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How to be successful in your first management position – the DVD!

Penny Ferguson on the new Management DVD launch Have you ever been expected to become a manager overnight? Or worse – have you ever expected an employee to become a manager overnight? They leave work on Friday being your best sales guy, and you expect them to come back on Monday as your [...]

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A Manager for the first time?

                Recently I was working with a lovely team of people, some of whom had been in management positions for a considerable amount of years.  They started by going through our three day programmer which, for want of a better description, lets call ‘Common Sense Leadership’.  Now these [...]

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