The Fun of Producing a New Product!

Just back from an exhausting day with producer Tim Paine at ECP Video!  Yesterday was an amazing day that went brilliantly well, delivering my Insights on Leadership Day with The Living Leader team at the ICC in Birmingham (incidentally for any of you wanting to run a company event I cannot recommend them highly enough [...]

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Management to Leadership – is it really necessary?

I read with interest the article in HR Magazine by John Adair suggesting that organisations need to become more leadership centered and I just could not agree more and, in working with our clients can truly prove the truth of this.  To become more successful I believe it to be critical and leaders need to [...]

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Learning from Lola

Thursday was a good day!  As many of you know I rescued a second dog – Lola – from Turkey and brought her to England last September.  She is definitely a Disney dog and utterly gorgeous although still showing signs of having had to fight for survival and every scrap of food for the first [...]

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A Habit too Easily Forgotten

When I first started running my programme there was always the same homework that we asked people to do between days two and three – a gap of about two weeks. We asked them to write down a list of 50 things that they were grateful for – every day. Yes, every day! You can [...]

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Today’s Challenges

At the recent HRD Conference at the ICC in Birmingham my colleagues spent a considerable amount of time doing a straw poll to find out what senior HR people were finding their biggest challenges in the current economic times. Their answers mainly came down to two things – how do you get people to be [...]

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Exciting New Product Launch – INSIGHTS ON LEADERSHIP by Penny Ferguson – the UK’s leading expert on Personal Leadership

Well now is your chance to experience me in action!  After countless requests from individuals who have experienced my personal leadership programme but without the founder, I am finally delivering this long awaited product.  This programme has powerfully changed the lives of thousands of people across the globe, as well as significantly improving bottom line [...]

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