Well now is your chance to experience me in action!  After countless requests from individuals who have experienced my personal leadership programme but without the founder, I am finally delivering this long awaited product.  This programme has powerfully changed the lives of thousands of people across the globe, as well as significantly improving bottom line results of large corporations – you can now find out what it is all about and put these ideas into practice yourself. Do this and you will be amazed at the powerful impact it will have.

So what exactly is it?

This is a compressed one day version of the Personal Leadership Programme – filmed while being delivered to a large group of senior corporate Executives across a broad spectrum of industries.  The workbook goes along with it, enabling you to experience the entire day, work through the exercises at your own pace and enable you to step into even more of your potential.  And as a fabulous bonus you have my second book, ‘The Living Leader’, as a complete audio file, read by me.  Plus, you have one extra thing that the attendees on the day didn’t get – where I am being interviewed and answer some of the frequently asked questions to help deepen the understanding of the real benefits of personal leadership.

Who would benefit?

Anyone who wishes to become more of a leader than a manager – essential at this time in our economy

Every newly promoted manager – they promote you but frequently omit telling you the essential skills you now need to bring to the party

Everyone who has taken on a new team and wants to hit the ground running.  Work through the day with your team and watch the magic occur!

Every individual who recognises that what we need now is leaders at every level – not just at work, but at home too

Anyone who has already experienced the Personal Leadership Programme and wants a timely reminder – from the legend herself!

Buy now at the very special launch price of £74.99 plus VAT plus £7.95 p&p

This price is only available for the first 100 people so if you would like this invaluable ‘toolkit’ at a truly remarkable price, don’t hesitate!