Penny Ferguson on the new Management DVD launch

Have you ever been expected to become a manager overnight? Or worse – have you ever expected an employee to become a manager overnight? They leave work on Friday being your best sales guy, and you expect them to come back on Monday as your best manager: with some osmosis presumably happening over the weekend. Only sometimes the process just isn’t that easy.


There are a lot of talented go-getters out there, ready and worthy of a promotion. However, just because they are worthy of a management position, does not necessarily mean they can acquire the very specific skillsets overnight. Undoubtedly they have the capability of becoming a great manager with time and training, but how many managers are actually given that training in order to help them, and therefore their team, reach that potential?


My DVD (RRP £24.99) – ‘How to be successful in your new management position’ talks you through some of the main obstacles in between you and success. I talk with new managers about how to cast aside self doubt and blind panic, and gain confidence. In the DVD I also cover how organisations work, what to expect of them, and what they expect of you – as well as talking about your performance and how to achieve your own visions with your team.


The DVD will tell you easily and precisely how to start in your new role as well as putting you on track to building a strong, committed and high performing team. For just £24.99, you will gain confidence in the knowledge that you can become the sort of manager everyone wants to work with. Whether you buy this because it will help you in your new role as manager, for your own personal development or for your staff’s benefit; it will lead you towards success. You can buy it here.

Management help DVD

My DVD is on sale now and highly recommended for your newly appointed managers.

My organisation, The Living Leader has changed the lives of over 35,000 people around the world and has had a significant impact on the business performances of those I’ve worked with including companies like Argos, Metrobank, Sage and more. To see how I can help you, please get in touch.