Well the CEO CookOff date is getting closer with terrifying speed and more and more I think about the positive impact this initiative could have on young people, their overall health plus the real help it could give to individuals who are going through excessively challenging times.

I believe that what Ronni Khan and now Jamie Oliver are achieving is, in really simple terms, leadership at every level and my goal is to try and help.

The CEO CookOff  hopes to raise £2 million to support the work of UKHarvest and the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, both of which aim to transform lives through food. As I am sure you will know I am incredibly passionate about transforming lives, whether it be through food or the Personal Leadership Programme I designed more than 20 years ago. Over 45,000 people have experienced the programme with life changing results and the CEO CookOff is just another opportunity to make a difference in some small way.

I have already hit my target of £10,000, but those who know me will understand my determination to keep raising funds and be the top fund raiser, not only for the incredible benefits, but also it means I might just get to cook alongside Jamie himself! If you consider this is something really important for our young people and the health of our country then I would be so very grateful if you or your company would consider making a donation, even just the cost of a meal. Whether it’s £5 or £500 any amount will be very much appreciated and will go a long way to help the cause.

If you would like to donate and help me reach my goal please click on the link and go to my fundraising page.

Thank you so much. xx