What is it that gives Penny the insights and the ability to inspire so many?

Abandoned as a baby, teased and bullied at school, emotionally and physically destroyed by not one, not two, but three abusive marriages, Penny found herself on the cusp of fifty, broke, alone, and in despair. Taking stock of her circumstances, she resolved to turn her life around, to break the patterns that had governed her life so far, and to stop wasting her life. In order to change her life, she had to change herself.

Drawing on her personal experiences she created the personal leadership programme which today has been attended by over 45,000 people.

Founder of The Living Leader and successful public speaker Penny has inspired many people to do the same… Change their lives.

The Tale of a Living Leader

Motivational Messages and Winning Ways

Penny’s sessions are not for the faint-hearted.  She is honest, direct and challenging, delivering a compelling message with practical ideas on what to do differently for improved performance, both professionally and personally.

Inspiring Audiences

What is it that gives Penny the insights and the ability to inspire so many?

It took many tough learning experiences for Penny to begin to understand some of the principles of personal leadership that have helped her to turn both her own life around and to create a successful development business – The Living Leader – that has supported many clients to significantly improve their business performance. By the age of 50, her life was a catalogue of mistreatment, financial loss and devastating personal tragedy.

The Tale of a Living Leader

An insight into Penny’s personal life.

Take a look into Penny’s life and gain an insight into the life of the person who is so passionate about leadership. Penny shares some of her other passions, many of which continue to link to personal leadership and also some of the challenges that may crop up in life and how she chooses to deal with them.