My Catalysts for Change

What is it that gives Penny the insights and the ability to inspire so many?

It took many tough learning experiences for me to begin to understand some of the principles of personal leadership that have had helped me both to turn my own life around and to create a successful development business that has supported many clients to significantly improve their business performance.

By the age of 50, my life was a catalogue of mistreatment, financial loss and devastating personal tragedy.  As you will hear, if you listen to my story I had reached a stage where I felt as if everyone and everything was against me.

However, as a result of a few key catalysts, I was able to completely turn my life around:

1. A challenging question, leading me to examine who I really was.

2. A revelatory book, leading to a realisation that changing our thinking can change our lives.

3. A deep insight into personal responsibility.

These experiences led me to examine my fundamental beliefs and the behaviours they were driving in me, which were leading to a repeating pattern of negative experiences in my life.  The words of Einstein also resonated – the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing, whilst expecting different results.

I changed my thinking and quite literally changed my life.  I started to concentrate on what I would do differently, instead of wishing others would change.

What did I do?  I created a compelling vision and made it my daily focus.  I studied my communicating style and discovered how to change behaviours so that I could develop and nurture those around me.

All of these elements had immediate and dramatic impact on my life, both personally and professionally, so I became determined to share everything I had learned with as many people as possible, so that they could experience the same opportunities to improve their performance.  The result was my Personal Leadership Programme, which continues to develop and has impacted thousands of lives.

The Tale of a Living Leader

Part 1

Where It All Began

This amazing 4 part story takes us on her journey from the very beginning and follows the trials, tragedies and accomplishments she has endured on her journey to become one of the world’s most influential leadership experts.

In this up close and personal interview, Penny and interviewer Tony Silman take us back to the very beginning, with the story of her upbringing and childhood from youth to rogue – the challenges that were the start of exactly what made her into The Living Leader.

Part 2

A Turning Point

After going back to the very beginning in part one of The amazing Tale of a Living Leader interviewer Tony Silman and Penny delve even deeper into the events preceding her time as ‘The Living Leader’. Penny talks about everything – from the breakdown of three marriages to a career in catering and personal family tragedy. Watch part 2 of Penny’s incredible story, on her road to becoming a nationally recognized leadership expert, changing tens of thousands of lives worldwide.

Part 3

Common Sense, Not Common Practice

In the third episode of ‘The tale of a Living Leader — Penny Ferguson’, Penny takes us back to before her days of leadership, and tells us the story of what inspired her grand idea in the first place, explaining how the PLP came about. Growing from a simple idea, the PLP has now changed the lives of thousands all over the world. Listen to the third segment of an inspiring account of a woman beginning to understand who she is, whilst looking to make a difference in a big way.

Part 4

What It Means to be a Leader

In this amazing fourth and final installment of ‘The Tale of a Living Leader – Penny Ferguson.’ Penny and Tony explore what it truly means to be a leader, from the definition of leadership to who can become a great leader. Penny also divulges the details on her famous PLP, how it came to be, what it can do and how she does it – as she continues to head a programme that has changed the lives of tens of thousands of business professionals all over the world.